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About us

We Trade Under The Name : UJ CLOTHING Ltd


Leather Goods values uniqueness and honesty. We never imitate or fabricate our products. Our leather is of the highest quality because we take the time to source it and tailor it to your specifications.

Our products have a backstory, which makes them even more special to us. Our goal is for every customer to be satisfied with their purchase and to be able to see the hard work and dedication that goes into each of our products.

The Inspiring Story That Drives Us

We knew going with all-leather goods would be risky, but we’ve always been the type of company that takes chances.

Our first risk was opening a store that only sold leather goods, which was against the grain at the time. But it paid off, and we’re now one of the country’s most popular stores.

This time, however, the stakes are higher. We have a growing family (of employees), and there is a lot of pressure to provide for them. But we’re also committed to what we do and believe that this new venture will be a success.

So, what exactly is this new venture? We’re thrilled to announce that we can now sell online! Yes, you can now shop for your favorite leather goods from the comfort of your own home.

How Do We Make a Difference in the Leather Industry?

We draw inspiration from Oregon’s real life, and Sandy (one of our leather partners) shows us how to see the world in new ways.

In addition, the natural world provides us with a spiritual experience that connects us to something larger.

We also consider our impact on the environment. We clean our leather with eco-friendly methods and are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re not perfect, but we’re making an effort. And we hope you will join us on this adventure.

Thank you for your help!

Our Expedition

Our mission is to provide high-quality, authentic materials. We want people to buy authentic clothing and original designs made from natural fabrics, as promised.

Our dedication to our customers and our leather goods distinguishes us from the competition. We take the time to find the perfect leather for each item and customize it to your specifications.

Each product also has a story behind it, making it even more special to us.

Our Fundamental Principles

We are committed to our values, which set us apart from the crowd.

Genuine Designs

We never imitate the designs or styles of other brands. Our designs are all one-of-a-kind and genuine.

Excellent stitching

We take pride in our precise stitching and attention to detail. Our products are of the highest quality and appear flawless.

Reasonable pricing

We believe in charging reasonable prices for our products. We avoid overcharging and lying about our costs.

What has changed?

We’ve just launched our new leather goods line! Examine our leather wallets, leather purses, leather belts, leather watch straps, and other accessories.

We are constantly updating our merchandise, so please return frequently. We appreciate your business!


We accept that we are providing value for your money from the bottom of our hearts. With love and care, we design, manufacture, and package our products.

However, we recognize that errors do occur from time to time. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us and we will do our best to make it right.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. We hope you’ll think of us the next time you’re looking for leather goods.

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Address: 22 Hungerford St, Hartford, CT 06106, USA

Phone: +17372045419

E-mail:  info@leathersgoods.com